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♥ 10 ♥

I've started growing flowers for my balcony..

It'll get pretty later in the summer, and next year'll be really beautiful. =)
There are daisies, roses, and many different breeds.

I think...

I get calm around them..

♥ 9 ♥
I don't really understand how anyone can get married while it is like it is and all. But I still had to make a wedding-boquet for some bride yesterday.
We had to take a photo of it and show her how it looked because she had someone else picking it up and she wanted to know if it looked good enough before deciding if she even wanted it. Why she had to do that, I don't have a clue about.

And my apartment's filled with flowers right now. It's sort of... It smells a lot, because they clash quite badly. If you value your scent as it is, don't come by until I'm able to return them to the shop. Which should hopefully be by the end of this week or by the start of next week. I think my sense of smell's going weird, thoguh. Or it's just my clothes starting to smell like them as well. >_>
But it's just until everything's working as it should... I wonder shy I had to take so many of the flowers to my place, though...

And I got a mail from my older brother. Bastard even made a call to say stuff... I didn't want to hear... Just cuz he's getting married and a kid and is all.. guh! >_> But  I like Koharu and I like my friends and my job and all. It's good I didn't go to Osaka, because I'd not have anywhere to go anyway..
Bastard don't have to call just to make fun of me and everyone I like. I'm not happy at the moment, no. He could just leave me alone just like my parents does.

♥ 8 ♥
Shiraishi, a late birthday-greeting for you. And happy birthday to Shudo-san, too.

It seems like a lot of us have their birthdays in the first part of the year. I know there are more in the later part of the year, but still, nah?

♥ 7 ♥
It's a bit late to say it, but

Happy Birthday, Kintaro-san.

♥ 6 ♥
Graduation was fun, truth be told, but I still feel sad about leaving Rokkaku.
But I'm at least staying here in Chiba.
It's not like I could go back to Osaka like this anyway. But it'll feel really sad once Koharu has to leave for Kyoto. I won't cry though. You have to call me a lot! Or I'll call you! You know I will!

I'm not surprised my family didn't come to see the cermony, though.

I need to get the last of my things to the apartment I've hired, since I can't stay in the dorms anymore.

I don't know if I'm ready to go out into what people call 'the real world'. I like my work and all, but it'll feel weird not going to school every day.

♥ 5 ♥
w/ kenya

[Screened to Kenya]
At least you get calls from your family, Kenya. I haven't gotten a single call from them. I know they don't care, it's just proof of it. Be happy that they care.

I stil hope he won't get you back to Osaka with him, since you don't want to.

♥ 4 ♥
I managed to get to the dorms safely, and I know those who were at the shop managed too. We didn't have any custumers, thankfully, and Koharu is fine. Zaizen is fine and Kenya and Kintaro-san and Shiraishi and Osamu-san and don't do anything stupid again, Kintaro-san. And I am calm. Perfectly calm. I just have difficulties being still is all. Bane-san, you need to calm down and rest. Listen to the people around you or you'll be knocked out by the gontakure or someone. Koharu hasn't gotten home yet, but I talked to him a moment ago and he said he was still fine. I'm going to call again though and I don't like what I'm hearing on the radio.

calm...right...calm...I am calm...

♥ 3 ♥
Koharuuu! I don't like this! I was at the shop when it happened, now I can't find Koharu! Or contact him! What do I do?! Koharuuuu!!

[[ooc: sent from his phone.]]

♥ 2 ♥
No fancy text like Koharu used, but

 Happy Birthday, Osamu-san!
[[ooc: is that the 8th or the 7th? ]]

♥ 1 ♥
I know I haven't gotten an account and it's been a long time since I should've gotten one. You probably already know who I am, at least some of you. I'm Hitouji Yuuji.

♥Private To Koharu♥
I know that you're going back to Kyoto, I want to come too. I found a job here in Chiba, though... Since I don't plan on going to college or anything like that. I can't be in Osaka for a while, either, so it's for the best... I want to be with you! I'll call after you move and I love you, Koharu♥

[[ooc: So, I'm Hotaru, Yuuji's RPer. =') Nice t'meet you'all^^ my aim's hotarukunnnn and my main account is also hotarukunn  ]]